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Purchase Single CCEU Credit for Core Competency Call ($15)

To purchase one CCEU credit for a competency call, please enter the call date and the CCEU code given during the call and use the following link.

Purchase Single CCEU

Purchase Full Year’s Worth of CCEU Credits ($125)

To purchase a year’s worth of CCEU Credits, use the link below. For $125, you will have access to CCEU’s for all twelve calls scheduled throughout the current year. Note that you have access to recordings of many prior calls (above) – you can also listen to any previous call’s recording and receive CCEUs for those too (see Q7 for limits and details)! (Although the topics repeat annually, each call is unique because of the individual participants’ contributions.)

Purchase Full Year CCEU Credits

Already Signed Up for the Full Year CCEU Package?

If you are already signed up for the Full Year CCEU Package, then all you have to do is send an email to:

Be sure to include the date, topic, and password given on the call, and we will send you your certificate as a PDF.

Please note that due to the fact that the certificates change each month, and that we’re offering archived credits, we are sending them out to you manually. So please be patient and allow 24 hours for your credit to arrive via email.