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Monthly Chapter Program

****SPECIAL EVENT**** Happy Hour Coach® at Willis Tower

This month we will have a special even in honor of International Coaching Week to thank you as a coach. This month's program will feature Tim Ressmeyer, PH.D., PCC giving a large scale Happy Hour Coaching® demo along with facilitating an open discussion on innovative ways to apply coaching skills. Everything from content, pricing, marketing, etc. of innovative methods are fair game.

Plus, this special chapter meeting will include a cash bar, hour d'oeuvres, door prizes and a special announcement, all with a view of Chicago from the 66th floor of Willis Tower.

Group coaching can expand beyond the traditional comparison with workshops and training! Tim Ressmeyer has created the Happy Hour Coach® to help make coaching more accessible to those who haven't experienced coaching, and to bring a unique offering into both public and corporate settings. The goal is to create an environment where substantive coaching and learning takes place, yet it is informal and “in the spirit of a happy hour.” Cocktails and appetizers are typically part of the experience, but it can be held in any setting! Tim has created over 25 different content modules for Happy Hour Coach® and delivered sessions in bars, restaurants, conference centers, and at corporate offices in Illinois, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and even Las Vegas. In this special session for the ICF, Tim will lead participants through a scaled back version of an HHC event where participants will craft their own Personal Impact Statement. The remainder of the session will be a facilitated conversation where participants can discuss, share, and innovate additional ways to apply their coaching skills in new and creative ways. Everything from content, pricing, marketing, etc. of innovative methods are fair game for discussion! 

**0.5 CCEU and 1 Resource Development**


Finding Your Edge, What Clients Look for in a Coaching Relationship Webinar - June 21st 12N

We want to make a difference in every client relationship, but how do we know if we are delivering what our clients want and need? Should we ask them? Do we give them the permission to critique our coaching and let us know how we are measuring up? How can we know for sure?

Join Coach Gary, 30 year coaching veteran and Founder of to discover how to find out exactly what your clients love most about your coaching and how you can leverage your relationship with them to find more high paying clients.  

**.75 Core Competency & .25 Resource Development CCEUs**


Dreamwork for Coaches - An Ancient Experience in a New Context Webinar - July 19th 12N

In reclaiming dreams as an aspect of coaching we validate for our clients that they are being seen in their wholeness. We'll explore the idea of consciousness (and where the prefixes of "sub" and "un" came from) and we'll look at the 3 levels of listening to a dream. Essential to the webinar are volunteers from the chapter who agree to work with their dreams in a demonstration. Join Will Sharon as we discuss dreams in depth.

Here are a couple brief introductory videos:  that participants may find helpful: 
Introductory Video #1; Coaching the Nightmare, Introductory Video #2 and Coaching the Shadow Part 1 Introductory Video #3

**.75 Core Competency & .25 Resource Development CCEUs**


Mark Your Calendar for the 2019 Chapter Meetings


May: Monday, 5/13 (Chicago Downtown) - 5:30pm
June: Friday, 6/21 (Webinar) - noon
July: Friday, 7/19 (Webinar) - noon
August: TBD
September: Monday, 9/23 (tentative Rosemont) - 5:30pm
October: Monday, 10/21 (tentative Burr Ridge) - 5:30pm
November: Monday, 11/18 (tentative Chicago Downtown) - 5:30pm

December: TBD

Peter James, ICF Chicago President-Elect, Debbie Leoni, ICF Chicago President and Angie Holleran, ICF Credentialing Coordinator from our October 15th Chapter Meeting. Thanks for an informative meeting Angie!

ICF Chicago Chapter Meeting Oct 15