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You know the are a seasoned coach and at times coaching can be, dare we say, a little shallow. By taking our client’s words at face value and only asking empowering questions is not enough to have the client’s a-ha light bulb go off in a life changing way. In order to play in the deep end of the pool and have the coaching be meaningful and sustainable it is about coaching the ‘thing behind the thing’. We are talking about getting to the root of what is really going on. So often our clients don’t even realize what perspective needs to shift or the benefits of the shift, or why they’re stuck. It is our job to be able to get to the core perspective block or as we like to call it: The thing behind the thing. This way you aren’t rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

This workshop is for coaches of all levels. It is a fun, lively, and an interactive workshop where we will be experiencing how to identify the clients relationship to their “issue” not just coach the issue itself. We will use small group activities, tools, and share insights that will have you laser in on what’s really important.

Core Competency CCEUs; 1.5 
****Holiday special - Free for members, $25 for non-members.****

You will receive a video link once you register.

Peter James, ICF Chicago President-Elect, Debbie Leoni, ICF Chicago President and Angie Holleran, ICF Credentialing Coordinator from our October 15th Chapter Meeting. Thanks for an informative meeting Angie!

ICF Chicago Chapter Meeting Oct 15